Hello (Cruel) World

by Pipso Calypso

As you might already have ventured to guess, Pipso Calypso is not my real name. I’m Phil, an office drone from the deep South-West of Germany. I’m living in a nice, calm village close to the borders of Switzerland and France.

I am not working in the clothing industry or related, on the contrary, I studied Business Information Systems. So this is basically a mix of IT (so, hoodies and jeans?) and some economy aspects (so, ill fitting suits and square-toed shoes then!). I got the pleasure to work in many different functions over the years, from starting out in tech support, over product management and consulting (yes, I sometimes miss the travelling a lot), to a function in strategic marketing. Nowadays I work in account management for an IT supplier and no one knows what the future will bring one day.

I love to spend my spare time in the gym but also to photograph and take videos, ideally while travelling. As you probably guessed by now, I also love cooking and cocktails

Iwould wish to be seen as an influencer, but not to influence you to spend money on new clothes or think that you need a fancy Swiss automatic watch. What I strive for is to make you consider how you can just be a happier version of yourself. We all find joy and fulfillment in different aspects of life and I would hope that we all follow more what our heart needs.

Chances are you don’t need all the things you see on Instagram. How many shoes do we need? Are you less complete without five different blue suits? Aren’t you interesting even though you don’t post from a different exotic location every week? Be your best self! Ask what you want yourself, not what others want to see. Don’t run after the trends but focus on what calls to you.

I started this blog because I honestly enjoy creating things, be it pictures, videos or to just to write. The process of making this gives me joy (tidying up does not, sorry Marie Kondō). You probably came here via Instagram, where I posted pictures of #menswear because it was a fun way to keep taking pictures, sometimes feeling caught in the rat race of having to post often and regularly, which to some degree also meant I have to often and regularly buy new clothes, and ideally at those, nice and luxurious makers. Guess what? No thanks! It led me into the quantity over quality trap of content production. So I have reset and now we will only do stuff that’s fun.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy and would love to hear from you via Instagram, YouTube or plain old email!

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