Gorée Island

by Pipso Calypso

There are many places in the world that combine light with darkness, beauty with sadness.

 The island of Gorée lies off the coast of Senegal, just a short trip by ferry, and while there are some questions about the exact facts, it’s a strong symbol against the slave trade of centuries past. One of the main sights of the island is the “Maison des Esclaves” which offers the opportunity to learn more about this dark chapter in time.

On its highest hill, Gorée island also pays testament to the second world war, still home to impressively sized canons overlooking the sea around the island. Besides, Gorée offers an interesting experience, clashing between the colorful houses and the decay having taken hold of parts of the village. Caught between the tourist trap influences with many restaurants offering Senegalese food directly at the coast and merchants selling paintings, clothes & souvenirs and the obvious fact that normal people live their lifes on Gorée, this small island is probably one of the things you should not skip when visiting Dakar.

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