Skolyx Sneaker in Light Grey Suede

by Pipso Calypso

PSA: I have received these shoes for free from Skolyx in exchange for making a video and taking some pictures of them. This post still represents my honest opinion about them, I regularly purchase from Skolyx.

I struggle with casual street styles, it is no secret. It is not rational but I feel like the “How do you do, fellow kids?” meme (don’t know it? Shame on you!) when I attempt to dress young, modern and trendy. It is not really my cup of tea, I always want to gravitate towards tailored clothes. Therefore I am lost when I see some of you who are sneaker heads, showing off your grail shoes from Nike and co.

Instead I feel attracted to a more minimalist type of shoe, less flashy and colorful. When I buy a sneaker that is not meant to be worn at the gym, I always wonder how it will pair with my wardrobe, no less than when picking a dressy, welted leather shoe. In the past I have usually gravitated towards canvas shoes like Converse Chuck Tailor AllStar for the absolutely ultra casual or Hummel Stadil for something that goes well with chinos. As luck wants it, I called up the Instagram crowd via IG Story in 2019 to hit me with suggestions for a minimalist, white sneaker.

As expected, there were the notorious suggestions of the Common Projects Achilles or the Saint Laurent Andy but I will be frank with you, those exceed what I would be willing to spend on a sneaker. One of the messages I got was from Skolyx, where I was already a customer since a while, purchasing their more formal shoes made by Yanko in Spain, asking if I would be interested in trying out one of their – then new – sneakers. If you follow me on Instagram, you know how that went, I have posted pictures of my white leather sneakers before. I have absolutely nothing bad about them to say since I got them, they are just super plain and versatile – but clearly more elegant than a canvas sneaker!

So naturally when I got asked earlier this year if I would be interested in trying out one of the new colors, I was directly on board! As you noticed with the remark on top of this article, I got them for free in exchange for taking a video and pictures of them but those who know me also know that I wouldn’t keep back with my opinion if I wasn’t pleased (I typically decline the offer of free stuff if it’s not something I would consider to purchase myself).

So if you watched the short little video on top, you have seen what’s the deal with the sneakers from Skolyx. They are well made, look great and offer a absolutely convincing value for the price as I see it. The light grey suede actually looks even better in reality than I expected, it has a strong and neutral shade that will pair great with a lot of outfits this coming summer!

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