Old Cuban

by Pipso Calypso

Sometimes there are moments in life when you feel like you have to celebrate a certain step.

 It might not be something actually happening but just a feeling or mindset. Maybe you just realize that everything is, after all, going to be OK. We get sometimes sucked into the spiral of hunting after our goals, be it professional or in our personal life. But we gotta ask ourselves: are we doing good so far?

Maybe things aren’t as you want them to. But often it could be much worse. Every negative can have opportunities, every failure can bring learning.

So to end with the mumbling and ranting: I have decided that today is a day I want to celebrate everything that is OK. I’ll have an Old Cuban and I will put my best into it.

Old Cuban

Serves: 1
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat


  • 4,5 cl aged rum
  • 3 cl sugar syrup
  • 2 cl lime juice
  • Angostura bitter
  • Champagne
  • Fresh mint


Shake the rum, lime juice, sugar syrup with two dashes of bitters and a good amount of mint together with ice in a shaker.

Fine strain into a glass and top up with the champagne.

Decorate with a twig of mint.

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