Late to the One-Piece Collar Train

by Pipso Calypso

Those of you who know me might be aware that I sometimes tend to sleep on trends or not see the point. I guess for most of us it takes some warming up to certain stylistic elements that devour the Instagram landscape like a forest fire in California.

I was never a huge believer in wearing anything but a dress shirt with a suit, somehow it just didn’t connect in my head. But over the last months we have been bombarded with the fact that you are not complete as a menswear aficionado if you don’t own a one-piece collar shirt or polo.

Hence, here we go, I picked up a polo shirt from Berg&Berg. What should I say? It was time that I wake up! The collar rolls beautifully when it’s tucked with a jacket and, in this specific case, the fabric is very soft and delicate. You can tell that this shirt is a good purchase the moment that your fingertips make contact with it.

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